Saturday, November 21, 2009

Back To Lav-Kush Days

The occasion was obviously the much awaited Guru’s marriage. Everybody was waiting for this for so long... I guess we were even more eager than Guru for this marriage.... No doubt... Coz it was gonna be like LAV KUSH days back....

18th Nov 09(Evening):
Ankur flew to Delhi right away from Pune. We all gathered at LAV KUSH GUEST HOUSE @ 37, Vishal Apartments, Vasundhra Enclave, New Delhi. We enjoyed the night with variety of foods with the courtesy of Amardeep, Neelima & RamSwaroop. But the night was not so exciting as we were expecting for so it was Annu’s b’day and he was suffering from severe cough n cold. But hats-off to Annu’s spirit who was admitted whole day in clinic and forcefully got discharged to attend the wedding. Finally, we decided to take a nap for at least 1-2 hrs. But two of us decided to pass whole night in Delhi Global Chat Room... everyone can guess who are these two... Sudhi & Rathore
19th Nov 09 (Early Morning):
Surprisingly, everyone was ready on time@5:15 AM. But how things can be so easy for us... we booked three cabs for station drop and they sent only two... after so many calls they managed so sent one more cab and we finally moved ahead for Ajmeri gate. It took just 20 mins to reach there. Everyone just moved towards platform where LKO Swaran Shatabdi was standing. Suddenly, we saw that one of us was running towards train like 5 tablets of REVITAL. He was none other than apna LULU with the ticket printouts. I suggest all the TTs of Indian railways to take guest classes from LULU. We reached to our seats.... unfortunately, all the eleven seats were not together. They were in lots of 6 and 5. So, we decided to sit like that with exchanging seats in intervals. Train moved from platform and we all were towards KANPUR. We never knew that we have a running HOLYWOOD with us with LENEVO technology instead of Dolby digital. That was like a JANNAT for Gajju who was just gummed with the movie.... We should thank to Ankur who didn’t give Gajju time to sleep :-D we enjoyed the journey with lots of snacks and food. The worst part of trains that smoking is prohibited there and the even worst part is some of us can’t wait for so long without smoking. So, they decided to break rule with keeping eye for GRP. Finally, we reached Kanpur Central at 11.30 AM. Hey hey hey hey....... I forgot to tell you the best part of the journey... Gajju was so concerned for one luggage and surprisingly it was not his. It was like... Jab Humare Yahan Koi Videsh Se Ata Hai To Hum Unke Bag Ka Bohot Khayal Rekhte Hai So that we can at least get a Deo..... i don’t know whether Ankur gave him or not but gajju did his job very well.

19th Nov 09 (Kanpur Central):
So all landed on Kanpur station with lots of Gaali for our beloved Booshty who was like the TAU for guru’s marriage. The reason was he wasn’t there to receive us. But that went well when we saw Sandhu & Patel there. After lots of Bharat Milap we get out of the station and had a cup of tea at a tea stall. I think, I should not write about this tea... am I right guys??? Neways we weren’t concerned about the taste of tea as we were enjoying our time. Finally booshty reached with INNOVA... believe me... the reason why I bolded the INNOVA... booshty was really enjoying the front seat of INNOVA when he came there but suddenly there was no space for him in the same car. He just made himself get in the car, any how. We reached Gaurav hotel that was located in Mall Road.
19th Nov 09 (Hotel Gaurav):
Before I go ahead, let me thank to Guru and his father on behalf of all of us for the great arrangement in hotel. It was really good. The first look of room was like a tablet of VIAGRA for LULU. We all settled us down in diff-diff rooms and gathered back in the same room. Who wanted to stay in diff-diff rooms.... all 12-13 were on same double bed.
The best part of that hotel was its food. Every item were simple delicious specially Chicken Curry. We simply enjoyed the food. Now, time came to get ready after some rest, face massages & suit iron. One by one everyone launched with their dresses. The rooms suddenly turned into the changing room of Lakme Fashion Week and the gallery of hotel became the ramp way. Flashes of camera just started flashing non-stop for around 1-2 hours and we clicked each and every thing present there. It was really gr8. We all got so obsessed that time for out looks.... and the “Self-Obsessed” award goes to none other than..... ABHISHEK SRIVASTAVA alias SACHIN. Sandhu the bartender opened his bar and everyone started just started the JASHHN..... the best part of any marriage... After few sensible pegs everyone decided to move ahead for BARAAT. Before we go ahead let me announce the ‘Best Looking Man’ award to......... ‘AMIT VERMA’. He was simply looking like GE, Commodity Leader. Gorgeous man.

19th Nov 09 (Baraat):
So, we all were ready to have blast in baraat. We moved from hotel. The actual marriage place was quite far from hotel and it took around an hour to reach there. Unfortunately we took 15-20 more mins than the other can due to the overconfidence of Patel and the car driver. The drive from hotel to baraat was itself a fun with lots of GAYism between DMT & Vikram.
First step of Vinay, Puppha & Vikram from car went wrong and they landed in mud. But the excitement of baraat was far more than the dirty shoes and pants. So they just forgot this and we pushed ourselves in the crowd. That time, we got Guru’s first look as groom. We was looking gr8 in heavy shervani & sitting in white Honda City. We danced a lot there. Guru’s family members were in hurry to reach the venue and we were just in the starting phase of dance. So after few initial push they decided to let us dance. The dholak walas were in hurry the catch the next booking and we had lots of time to dance. So the ‘Best Dancing’ award goes to SUDHANSHU and will be shared with GAJJU. By the way, this award could be easily grabbed by LULU but he just gave up dancing. It was really fun.... the whole 4-5 years old group were dancing and enjoying together. I hope we could hold that moment little more but time is always to pass so that we can meet and enjoy again in some other occasion.
We reached at the venue quite on time infact before time. So, Guru got busy in the marriage rituals and we held ourselves back for Sandhu’s mobile bar. Everyone enjoyed a lot there.... a whole spread ground to move with pegs and shout as loud as u can. And the best part no one was there to interrupt us. The ‘Best Drunk Man’ award goes to none other than ‘Vinay’ as we saw him crying first time.
After lots of fun, some mess-ups & foods we decided to come back to hotel. We came back to hotel at around 12 midnight.
“We all wish Guru n his newlywed wife all the happiness in their life. May they enjoy their whole life as beautifully as they look in their wedding pics.”

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Is India a democratic country?


I know the tilte will surprise you but sometimes I feel so. I opened my eyes in a democratic country and I really proud to be an Indian. My parents tought me that we all are same here and have rights to live like others. I started my life in a same way. I have never found any difference between the names Zoheb & Ramesh. But suddenly this society showed me the difference. They tought me that Zoheb means 'Muslim' and Ramesh means 'Hindu'.

I realised this truth when I stared searching a rented flat before my marriage. People talked me so nicely and almost agreed to give me flat on rent untill they hadn't heard my name... Zoheb. They confirmed my name by asking ... 'Is it Rohit or Shobhit?'. When I spelled my name as Z O H E B, then I faced this new India who is reprsenting himself as a democratic country in this world. I only got a flat on rent when I got a Muslim flat owner. After a year in that flat now coz of some reason I am searching a flat on rent again. And now I am facing this problem again with lots on development in the definition of this democratic country. Now even property dealers are refusing to entain me only because of being a Muslim.

Me & my wife both are Software Engineers. We are perfectly eligible to take any flat on rent as any other people like Ramesh, Ravi, Divakar etc are.. But I am not getting it. I am a kind of person who stands up on hearing national anthemn and who used to pray for Indian Cricket Team's victory in India Vs Pakistan match while offering namaz and I am getting this back for being a 100% Indian.

Now, this is time for India to think about it who is fighting against Afghanistan, Iraq etc. on the name of Democracy.